Finishing Lord of the Rings & Audiobooks

I finished re-reading The Lord of the Rings yesterday.  I had forgotten some of the more fabulous moments towards the end of Return of the King, so it was really nice to read them again.  I think Faramir/Eowyn is a bit contrived, but I love the Faramir character and I especially love the way Aragorn goes about reclaiming the kingship.  Also one of my favorite funny moments is the Warden of the Houses of Healing going on and on about all the names of aethelas and Aragorn’s response when Merry wants pipeweed.  Those books are always worth a re-read.

On another note, I thoroughly do not recommend audiobook reader Kate Reading.  I just finished her narration of Sophie Kinsella’s Can You Keep a Secret? and though the book itself was positively awful, that horrible grating voice made it even worse.  I almost wonder if her accent is faked or at least exaggerated purposefully.  Bleh.


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